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About The Honey House

Post by Mary on Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:10 am

This house was built out of a love of bees. We want to learn from others, share our experiences, and open communication for all beekeepers in the area. If you come across something different in your hives, share it. If you have questions, ask them. Advice? Please offer it. We wanted something a bit more regional, so we by no means want to 'compete' with other established forums; we simply want to be able to discuss what is happening here, for our bees. We want to be able to share information and tips, help each other find what they are looking for in terms of equipment, livestock, treatments, and services. We want to share in your celebrations and achievements, and to offer support when things maybe aren't going as well as they should.

While primarily this forum is located in the Okanagan Valley, we know that, like our bees, we can travel a fair distance to find them that perfect place to spend the summer, so we welcome anyone, from anyway, but will cater primarily to western Canada. If we find that we need geographically localized rooms, we will set them up; you simply need to ask. The same applies if you would like to see more topics. We want to make this as functional as possible to everyone.

There is an area for buying and selling products/services. I hope that we can link you up with the items you need, but I also hope we can find a way to link up with farmers needing pollination in the area. Please share this site with your local farmers who may be looking for some bees to help with their crops.

Please feel free to start threads and offer guidance. We all have the capacity to learn more, but we all also have a bit of a teacher within us, with knowledge and skill that should be shared.

There is one rule, and one rule only here -- all topics and issues are to be handled respectfully. If you are being disrespected, either on the board or in private messaging, please let me know. We will be watching for it, and will try to stop it. It is the one sure way to get yourself tossed out of the hive, like a drone in the fall.

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